Honeymoon Vacations: Worry-Free Options

honeymoon destinations in canada

It is common for starry-eyed couples looking forward to the start of a new life together to dream of having the best honeymoon destinations.  For those of us living in cold climes, we dream of sunny beaches and clear blue waters.  But not all couples have the time and energy to plan every detail of their first few days or weeks together. Fortunately, there are travel agencies, hotels and resorts which offer honeymoon destinations in canada.  These packages help by taking many of the detail-planning off the shoulders of the couple.  The following are three places which offer good all-inclusive honeymoon options:

  1.  Negril Couples Resort, Bahamas

All-inclusive honeymoon packages at the Negril Coouples Resort give lovers the chance to concentrate on each other rather than on the details of their stay.  Though there are many to choose from, booking rooms often include provisions for complimentary meals – not just breakfast.  A lot of these packages include excursions to bars, boating, scuba diving sites, sunset cruises, shopping shuttles, and trips to town.  While these packages are meant to relieve the vacationing lovers of the need to make the arrangements, they are free to choose which ones would provide the intimate bonding moments they crave. Rates depend on the type of room, the hotel you choose, the length of your stay and where you’re flying from. Couples should check for availability very early, especially during peak season, as it is a very popular destination.

  1. Tower Isle Resort, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

At the Tower Isle Resort you’ll get to enjoy sunsets, romance and seclusion of Ocho Rios in a luxurious setting.  Their all-inclusive honeymoon holidays start from 6 days stay onwards and include complimentary drinks and spa massage.  The advantage of their packages is the many options for personalizing the experience.  You can get your candles, flowers and sparkling wine ready in your room; you can add spa treatments to get you in the right mood, there are private dinners under the stars, stunning flower arrangements and much more.  From the hotel itself you can have your trips to local sites arranged to fit the dates of your stay.  How much you spend is directly proportional to the length of your stay, the room you choose, and the frills you ask for.  You can view other options through the Jamaica Hotel & Tourism Association.

  1. Sun Palace, Cancun, Mexico

The Sun Palace Cancun is a multi-awarded hotel resort which offers all-inclusive honeymoon stays for couples, and even offer packages which includes weddings.  Cancun is one of the foremost tourist destinations in Mexico for sun and sea lovers.  All 252 rooms have double jacuzzis, in-room bars, 24-hour room service, and king size beds.  Packages include not only rooms but a host of in-house amenities too numerous to mention.  These include swim-up bars, pools, outdoor jacuzzis, saunas, four restaurants, three bars, etc.  Cancun has wide areas of lush forests and 14 miles of pristine beaches to explore and frolic on.  One downside is that the Sun Palace Cancun is a destination for those with deep pockets. There are places where you can take all-inclusive honeymoon breaks at.  They normally cost a bit more than just booking a room, but the extra services they include justify the added cost.

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