BVI Yacht Charter

BVI yacht charter

If you are considering going for a yacht charter, the destination is as important as the yacht itself. And when choosing an ideal sailing vacation spots, the British Virgin Islands should rank very high up the list. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has everything you could ever want in a vacation place. It has secluded islands and beaches, a vibrant night life, and all the fun activities people enjoy under the Caribbean’s mild climate. It has calm waters which make it one of the best sailing destinations in the world. You can find more information about this wonderful place at the BVI Tourist Board website.

To plan the ideal yacht vacation in the BVI, contacting reputable companies such as BVI Yacht Charter is a good first step. In case you are wondering, the BVI stands for British Virgin Islands where the yacht charter company is based.

What Makes a BVI Yacht Charter Your Ideal Choice?

It always helps to contact a local yacht charter company with a good track record. BVI yacht charters have been operating in the islands for more than twenty years; that is plenty of time for them to know the place. They are in the best position to advice so you can avoid getting afoul of local regulations. They know the place inside out and can direct you to the best spots.

BVI charters have a fleet of sailing yachts for you to choose from. Aside from that you can choose a charter which matches your sailing skills. If you are experienced sailors and would enjoy sailing the yacht yourself, then you can go for a bareboat charter. This means all you get is the yacht, without the benefit of any crew. Some experienced sailors actually prefer the chance to sail a yacht on their own.

For those who are experienced enough to go for a bareboat charter, there are 16 mono hull yachts to choose from ranging from 31 to 64 feet in overall length. There are a further 27 Catamaran yachts available starting from 36 up to 52 in overall length.

Less experienced sailors can choose to charter a captained vessel. There is one 50 foot sailing catamaran yacht available for charter with just a captain – you and your companions get to play crew.

If you have no sailing experience at all or would rather spend your time enjoying your sailing vacation, you can go for a fully crewed sailing charter. A 60 foot and a 44 foot catamaran and a 46 foot mono hull sailing yacht are available for fully crewed charters. All you need is relax and enjoy your favorite activities during your sailing cruise.

BVI can provide many of the extras you are likely to ask for. They can help you plan your trip so your yacht is adequately provisioned. If there are any dietary requirements to consider, they can help deal with those as well. You can choose to add extras like scuba equipment, surf boards, paddle boards, kayaks, fishing gear, wind surfs, and even a guitar.

If it is a sailing yacht charter you are interested in, getting in touch with BVI yacht charters may be a good idea.

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