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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Buy a Used Road Bike

I know what you are thinking!

“He is just being sensational with that headline.”

Therefore, let me put it plainly; you are right… to a point. The truth is there are moments when everything seems to unite together with Mother Nature to grant us the cravings of our hearts. I will be the first to admit that such events do not happen often. But when they do, we owe it to ourselves and the cycling giants within us to do everything we can to get that bike we have been pulling heavens for.

The supply gods want to answer your prayers

It is not often that you find that bike distributors want to clear out their stock in readiness for a new season. We are at such a time. The prices you will find, even at online road bike stores like The Racery are the best so far in 2016. As these distributors do their best to clear the shelves before 2017, you have an opportunity to get a great specialized or canondale used road bike at a fraction of the cost it would typically go for.

You are probably wondering, “Why should I buy what remains ’after everyone buys their bikes’?”

What the retailers don’t tell you is that there is no big difference between the bikes they are stocking and those they are selling off at discounted prices. In fact, often times the only big change is usually the color. But in a society of new things, the bike makers have little choice than to create the illusion of ‘new and improved’ even when there is nothing new under the surface.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a brand new road bike at your favorite bike store. Enjoy the feeling of new at a fraction of the usual price by taking advantage of the discounted prices at retail shops online and across the country.