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Chartright, the ideal and currently superior jet rental company for clients all over Canada. With more than 2 decades of experience on the vast types of client needs and the various nooks in the business, Chartright is company that is in the forefront of the flight industry in the country.

One of their major specialization is helicopters- rental and charters. Over the years Chartright has been able to build a relationship with its client that will ensure they come back over and over again. This has gone a long way into ensuring the growth of the company into the now well trusted and sought after cheap charter flights from Toronto.

This company is diverse in that it can accommodate from 1 to 100 passengers providing a wider base for customers. This includes private jets or even helicopters. Whether you are looking for pleasure or business then chartright is the right place to be. This place has impeccable services and a staff that is well trained and equipped with the right techniques to ensure that all the customers’ needs are well met. This place caters for both private clientele and cooperates too.

Chartright prides itself of having the highest record of safe flights and with the highest level of safety. It also prides itself in being able to land at the customers’ site of interest. Unlike the other larger aircraft, the Chartright helicopters are able to land and take off from even a small clear space making it very convenient for the people boarding. The Chartright is also proud of the luxury it provides to its passengers. It is said that travelling first class does not compare to what it feels like to one of their chartered flights, a dream of many

Unlike other aircraft companies that may end up canceling your flights, Chartright is well known for its no cancellation policy ensuring that if you are booked with them, you will definitely get to your destination on time no matter the situation at hand. Apart from not cancelling they also ensure no delays in their flight, a core attribute needed by many people.

With Chartright privacy is a major concern. Because different people require privacy to different levels, chartright is happy to ensure that the privacy required is provided. This is for all groups and people.

With the free parking at the lot or the valet parking provided, this leaves you with a 5 minutes distance from where you leave your car to where you board the helicopter

In Toronto the prices are non-competitive ensuring that they provide the best prices to the customers. This is even when being given guarantees all is explained clearly without any hidden charges. At first when getting the helicopter, all the charges are billed to ensure that the customer understands all that is required. Toronto helicopter- rental and charter will all come with a detailed analysis of all the charges that will be incurred in the whole trip.

Apart from rentals on helicopters Chartright also offers rentals on jets in Toronto. This is provided at reasonable and customer friendly prices.